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Mister Mildor

New York,NY

Alan Mildor a.k.a. Mister Mildor is a self-taught visionary born and raised in Brooklyn,New York. He began doing photography in 2007 when he was hired to do photo assignments at weddings, parties and various events for local clients in his community. Shortly after he became more interested in street-style photography. Soon after he broadened his horizons to move on to things outside the box that other photographers weren't doing in his neighborhood.

He wanted people to recognize his work, but still wanted to learn, so he didn't limit himself to just the norm. So Alan took a contributing photographer position with Resource Magazine in 2009. While at Resource Magazine, Alan assisted in collaboration projects with other companies such as Broncolor and Scheimpflug. At Resource Magazine Alan also assisted in video projects that lead him to learn film editing.

While being a contributing photographer at Resource Magazine, Alan invested in getting his own equipment to work with on his own projects. Later after Alan departed from Resource Magazine he was hired as a videographer/creative director for Vinnies Styles to document various collaboration projects and in-store events. Alan's projects at Vinnie Styles included Taz Arnold(TI$A),Brian Wood, Ninjasonik, Malice(The Clipse), Kevin Cossom and many more.

In late 2010, Alan started his own media company, Mildor Creations with Over the years Alan has provided marketing, advertising, consulting, and other visual services(music videos,etc) to clients from New York City to Los Angeles. By creating Mildor Creations he then worked on commercials as Creative Director for Rich Wierdo clothing, The Clubhouse Barbershop, Alife and many more.

Currently Alan has been working on his Mister Mildor brand which will be a new umbrella that will introduce personal projects, documentaries, video episodes that will include numerous artists, photography, and many more. You can keep up with Alan's countless projects past, present, and future at