Alan Munroe

World Wide

One common thread through time has always been my ability to see the deal before it happens, prepare well and go out and make it. I am steadily becoming known for generating revenue during the start-up phase well before actual deployment

Mine is not a job, it is a way of life. We are a breed unlike the others. I wish to bring my western sales psychology to Chinese business men.

My real job is to:
Penetrate, Persuade, Present, Premise, Propose, & Provoke Prospects to become clients on your behalf.

How people use me is quite different:
Strategic Thinking – in the conceptual stage I bring unique, structured and actionable ideas to the table. Most CEO’s and Owners use me to expand their own thinking.

Tactical Planning – in the budget planning stage I bring 2 ½ decades of promoting and campaigning experience to the table. Most V-P’s & Director’s use me to explore their options while identifying actions, costs and outcomes.

Sales Collateral – in the creative & production stage for all content and materials used in the sales process.

Virtual Sales Exec – in driving properly identified leads and business ready prospects to your door /proving the above.

Sales Team Up Fit – capitalize on the above success and integrate to your sales team(s) /build a process.

360 Campaigning – everything digital marketing from what we learn we replicate as mass campaigns and exponentially grow the results

From seeing it to making it real, that’s where I fit.

I welcome to opportunity to learn more about each other. 真心祝您永远快乐,希望我们合作愉快!

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