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ALANNA Q’ENTE, is an international lecture and shares the path of the Andean Masters, she is an expert in body techniques and through the sacred dances, the shamanic path and meditation she teaches how to release body, mental, and emotional blocks transforming them into light and permitting yourself to align your physical temple with the expansion of your soul.

Alanna had many spiritual experiences in her childhood and since she was 6 years old she started having contacts with the Spirits of Light. Dedicated a few years to explore and integrate to her path the art of music, dance and Tai Chi. She had intimate memories of her past lives and of things that were happening or could happen, and people was confirming that really happened. Early she decided to become a vegetarian and at school was inviting her colleagues to practice meditation and Tai Chi. She lived in Brazil for most of her life and had different Extraterrestrial encounters that brought her messages for this New Time.