Alanna Roth

sales and Student in New York

I am currently working in sales as a coordinator at JCDecaux North America in the heart of Manhattan. I'm from New York, but not the "bright lights, big city" New York. My home is surrounded by endless woods and vast mountain ranges but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am energetic, social, and incredibly passionate about traveling and immersing myself in different cultures around the world. Last spring I was lucky enough to travel across Europe when I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain. I've navigated my way through the breathtaking canals of Venice, conquered the mighty Mt. Masada in Israel, and witnessed the greatness that is Christiano Ronaldo in Madrid.

Along with traveling, family, friends, fashion and music are all very important to me. I am also very interested in the marketing aspect of business and plan to pursue a career in marketing upon graduation in 2015.

  • Work
    • Macy's Campus Promoter
  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst