Alanna Harrison

Hi, I'm Alanna! I'm will be a 2011 ND Candidate. With my passion for healing and healthcare, I hope to have the opportunity to help many people achieve wellness. As a student at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Tempe, Arizona, I have had the opportunity to explore my passion for healing as I've already been a part of many people's path's to wellness. I have a special interest in classical Hahnemannian homeopathy and have spent time learning from Dr. Stephen Messer, Dr. Eric Udell, Dr. Joesph Kellerstein and Andre Saine.

Prior to studying at SCNM, I was a Neuroscience Undergraduate student at Brock University in Ontario. I had the pleasure of working on a thesis project with Dr. Cheryl McCormick on stress in adolescence. I also worked as a Peer Health Educator through Student Health Services, helping students become more aware of how they could take charge of their health.

Outside of school and studying, I am passionate about cooking, I love to watch movies and soak up the sun! On a weekend, you may find me perusing Martha Stewart's website for new recipe ideas, or sitting by the pool, reading a good book and catching up on some much needed Vitamin D!

If you are a potential patient or are interested in naturopathic medicine, contact me and I'll be happy to chat!

Yours in health :)