Alanna Havana

The Dental Damsel aka Alanna Havana is a current first year dental student. After surviving her first semester, she looked back and realized how many annoying questions she had asked second year students {What bur should I use for this prep? How should I study this? How do I wax this cusp?} + how many confusing situations she found herself in {my rubber dam keeps ripping……well, that prep was too wide…..did someone say tofflemire?}. So…she set out to help other dental students and attempt to pave a new path.

5 curious facts about the Damsel:

When she was a kid, her brother told her a honeysuckle tasted like real honey….she immediately proceeded to taste the plant. It tasted nothing like honey.

When candy was a penny, she used to walk to the candy store for copious amounts of wax bottles and jelly beans.

In college, she adopted two puppies from the animal shelter and named them “Smash” and “Dash”…..Dash is currently laying on her lap.

She once auditioned to be a real life american girl doll……..she was never called back.

At the age of 6, she accidentally turned to the movie “Chucky” on TV…she hasn’t slept the same since.