Alanna Smith

Alanna Smith

"About Me" sections have always been a hassle. How much do I give away, how much do you need to know, how can I accurately (and interestingly) explain to you who I am in a few short sentences. Let's see...

I grew up in Ottawa, but after much moving across the coast of the United States (Maryland, Mississippi and Texas to name a few) I ended up in Calgary. The only place I have ever considered "home."

So how did I end up back in Ottawa? The journalism program at Carleton University. In 2013, I trekked across the country to pursue a combined undergraduate degree in journalism and women and gender studies.

Now, with two years completed, I'm beginning to find my stride. I currently work for Ottawa Media Group alongside former CTV reporter Kimothy Walker and am in my third year at j-school.

If you take anything away from my bio, let it be this. I am drawn to adventure. I travel as much as I can, Europe being my most recent endeavour and am always searching for ways to live life fully.