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Alanna Riley

East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa

I have been a teacher/facilitator in some way or another for most of my adult life, starting with being a student facilitator/tutor and progressing to the field of academic development after graduating my honours degree in Psychology in 2006.

My three interests are psychology, teaching and technology and I bring all three aspects together whenever I have the opportunity. In 2011, I took up the role of e-Learning consultant and have had the priviledge of being part of the implementation of new and innovative technologies for the enhancement of teaching and learning at my institution, the University of Fort Hare.

I am registered for a PhD in Social Science in the field of Psychology which I hope to finish in 2016 and continue to learn from all of those around me each and every day. Most of my work in Psychology draws on Critical Theory in Social and Developmental Psychology while my work in the field of eLearning is primarily focused on the implementation innovation and successful adoption of technologies for teaching and learning purposes.

  • Work
    • Technology Enhanced Learning Consultant, UFH, SA
  • Education
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Social Science ( Psychology) Current
    • Master of Education in eLearning, Cum Laude
    • Blackboard Certified Trainer
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education and Training
    • ICDL