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Alanna Rodgers

Nassau, Bahamas

Alanna Rodgers, CCTP
Founder, and Culinary Ambassador

Alanna Rodgers is a young Bahamian social entrepreneur with a passion for transformative community engagement. Having traveled extensively for business, sports and leisure, Alanna’s adventures have included: summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, diving with Great White sharks in Cape Town, bungee jumping over Victoria Falls, volunteering at an orphanage in Madagascar, competing in the World Tennis Championships in Prague and snorkeling over the Great Barrier Reef. Throughout her travels, Alanna also learned a deep appreciation for the role that cuisine plays in a country’s unique character and cultural expression. Inspired and committed to sharing and showcasing her own country’s culinary gifts (and indeed, there are many of them!), Alanna launched Tru Bahamian Food Tours in the Fall of 2012 on a mission to connect visitors with Nassau’s most beloved culinary treasures and the local artisans, chefs and entrepreneurs preserving these traditions.

  • Work
    • Tru Bahamian Food Tours
  • Education
    • Univeristy of Miami
    • Rice University