Alanna Smith

Filmmaker, Director, and Editor in Ontario, Canada

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Alanna Smith is a Canadian director, editor and writer. She recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production at York University.

She has both led and collaborated on successful and award-winning short film productions. She won the Cinesiege award for Outstanding First Year Production for her film "Persolus" in 2013, and three Awards of Merit from the Best Shorts Competition for her short "Shot in the Dark" in 2015. Alanna also has 15 years of music experience, and is a talented pianist and flautist. She is fluent in both English and French.

She is passionate about storytelling with a special fondness for the science fiction and fantasy genres. She takes pride in her work of evolving footage into a cohesive and compelling dramatic narrative, finding creative ways to bring her vision to life. Coming from a musical background, she has an instinctual sense of rhythm and pacing that she applies to all aspects of filmmaking.

An enthusiast of geek and pop culture, Alanna is a costume maker in her spare time, known for her impressive fabrication. She has made several costumes based on film, television and comic book characters and her work has been featured by Marvel and Dreamworks Animation on social media. She is also a writer and social media manager for the pop culture entertainment website the Geek Chic Elite.