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Alan Rubin

Hey, my name is Alan Rubin, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and currently living in Israel, married, father of 2 beautiful children and currently working at SAP Labs Israel.

I’m currently focused and interested in end to end research, design and development of web products, that includes User Interface client side to server side developments. At UI side, I’m currently working (and playing) with Javascript and standard libraries for developing and integrating web 2.0 technologies (AJAX, JQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous…) with emphasis at cool interfaces that can provide high standards of user interaction and usability. Regarding the server-side, I’m currently very skilled in Java and Ruby/Rails (after working with different languages such as C++, PHP) and loving to research and develop with dynamic languages, specially with the nice Ruby language with some Rails sauce.

It is important for me to work in an open-minded, agile and dynamic environment, together with good people (both technically and personally). This environment must values quality and simple solutions and delivers customer oriented products. Agile is really a must (and not just a buzzword): there is no time for waste – throw it out or developers won’t survive.

Academic speaking, I hold a B.Sc. at Computers and Electronics Engineering (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and also almost a M.Sc. at Computer Science (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel).

Entrepreneurial speaking, I’m very interested at startups and ideas that may turn into startups.