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Alan Shiller

Based in Palestine, Texas, Dr. Alan Shiller enjoys a solid reputation among peers and patients for his compassion and expertise in ophthalmology. Board certified in the specialty, Dr. Shiller garnered distinction in 2006 from Eyeonics, which recognized him among the top three specialists in the country to implant its Crystalens. With every operation he performs, Dr. Alan Shiller helps individuals to improve their quality of life and reduce their dependency on corrective eyewear. In addition to Crystalens implants, Dr. Alan Shiller possesses extensive experience in LASIK, which changes the shape of the cornea via laser. Ideal for individuals who have astigmatism or those who are far- or nearsighted, LASIK requires only one short appointment and allows for a quick recovery. Dr. Shiller utilizes the CustomVue LASIK for added precision and eye mapping; the procedure provides 98 percent of patients with perfect vision. Other operations include cataract surgeries, during which he takes out the clouded lens and implants an intraocular device that focuses light as it meets the eye. He additionally offers ReSTOR lenses, which improve individuals' night vision as well as their total range of sight. On his website, Dr. Alan Shiller features comprehensive information about these and other options, as well as a newsletter and testimonials from former patients. Dr. Alan Shiller obtained his MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, where he graduated near the top of his class. A charitably minded individual, he recently partnered with a minister to travel to Ethiopia, where he spent two weeks addressing eye issues and performing surgeries for hundreds of residents in remote villages. He removed cataracts and corrected nearsightedness, among other conditions.