Alan Stuart

London, United Kingdom.

Business founder/owner working in the field of sourcing, developing and releasing into the World of Work the very best in smart-thinking tech talent through

WOW Elite bridges the skills gap between University and real World Of Work experience by engaging top students and graduates from IT, Digital, Web and Marketing into commercial client-driven projects – mentored and supervised by top industry professionals to deliver cost-effective, cutting-edge, highest-quality solutions to business and some damn fine teched-up / skilled up developers and smart-thinkers into the World of Work.

Passionate believer in the innate talent we all have within us and exploring and creating initiatives that help us to realise our true potential through work that excites, stimulates and challenges us to dig a little deeper.

Love lots of stuff that begin with the letter 'm': music / martial arts / my motorbike / messing around in the kitchen!! .......

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