Lord Alan Sugar

When you think of Lord Alan Sugar you usually think of two things before anything else. Firstly The Apprentice, the TV show in which he's become famous for the catchphrase "You're Fired", and secondly cold, hard cash. And no wonder, considering his personal fortune has been estimated at around £800million.

It all started when a young Sugar went into business selling all sorts of things from electrical goods to TV aerials - you know, the type of stuff you normally try your best to avoid at the local market. Having said that, it certainly isn't easy to gain momentum is business so he must have been doing something right to be able to start his now famous company Amstrad in 1968. He's also just announced that he'll be stepping down from the day to day running of that business when it's sold. He won't be retiring any time soon though - he's got his hands in many other types of business too.

A love of Spurs football club saw him scrape together some of his spare change to take control with Terry Venables in 1991. This didn't end up being the best of times, however, and the pair ended up in court.

He hasn't always been 'Sir' Alan, either. That particular title was earned when he was knighted in 2000. From the east end of London to Buckingham Palace. Can't be bad...

On 5 June 2009 it was reported that Sir Alan Sugar had been offered a peerage by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown as part of a new enterprise role in his government, and he was subsequently created Baron Sugar, of Clapton in the London Borough of Hackney.