Alan Wolford

Alan Wolford is the author of "The Dealership," a corporate thriller that involves crime, corruption and unbridled greed. He describes himself as a writer, adventurer and student of life. He has captained a private yacht through the world's oceans, enduring hurricanes and typhoons and overcoming his own foibles when running aground and steering his vessel off-course.

Wolford has had more than his share of adventures, from which he has learned that feeling alive is a byproduct of living a precarious and exotic life. He has mixed it up with a variety of dangerous aquatic animals. When not courting danger, he has lived among the native populations of Raiatea and Tikehau in French Polynesia.

The author has also found stimulation in deep-sea diving among the reefs and islands of the South Pacific, as well as the Caribbean, Indian, Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans. At the other extreme, he has engaged in skydiving and gliding. These experiences have helped him to realize why one should protect the environment and consider the well-being of our planet.

Wolford has also spent two decades in the business world. His days on Wall Street have taught him the importance of encouraging the growth of free enterprise and of sharing its fruits with others through acts of charity. Consistent with that purpose, a donation will be made to the American Cancer Society for each book sold.