Alanys Villanueva

Student in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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Hello there! My full name is Alanys Michelle Villanueva Serrano and I was born on June 29th, 1998. I'm currently living in Fajardo, but I travel everyday to Humacao where I study Business Administration in the University of Puerto Rico, hoping I would be able to work for the FBI in the future. In addition, I'm part of the Production team in the university's theater association, Teatro Gris, usually working on costumes and even scenography. Not many people find theatrical work amusing or they find it "too boring", but when you dedicate yourself to something you love, the world around you starts to make more sense.

Some other things you may like to know about me is that traveling calls my name. I hope that one day I'll travel to all the Seven Wonders. I was raised in New York for 10 years so English is a language I know very well, but wish to improve. I also enjoy listening to music and drawing. They help me escape the world for awhile. I'm also a friendly person so if you ever need someone to talk to, come to me. I'll be there to listen.

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