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Alarm Reviews

Alarm Reviews research, design and build a all in one resource site to for you to find the right Home Security company. We are an unbiased third party (independent) reviewer of the top alarm system companies in the United States and Canada. We are a team of home security guru's and dedicat to making Alarm-Reviews the easiest, cleanest review site on the internet. We state the facts how they are for each company and dig deeper so you know more.

Knowledge Is Power :- By cross-referencing each company, you can quickly find out which one best fits your: budget, lifestyle, wants, home and families needs. We give you the knowledge so you can choose the right one the first time and have no regrets later.

What We Do :- We have done the research for you. We contacted each company, read hundreds of reviews, tested their equipment and cross compared all aspects of each business. By putting all the research in one collective alarm system comparison website we save you the hassle of reviewing each individually. We have chosen the top security companies in the Nation so regardless of choice you can trust what company you go with. Our research provides answers to their pricing, set up costs, customer support, history, equipment and installation.