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Alasdair Beaton

London, Ontario, Canada

Dear Neighbour:

With an election on October 27th, we have a chance to make some positive changes.

Over the last few years I have learned a lot about the systems that affect the quality of life in our neighborhood. I have put that knowledge to work in discussions with the Ontario Municipal Board, the Committee of Adjustment, many other Council Committees, and City Council. I would now like to do that for our whole ward.

I have lived in London since 1978, and have been a proud resident of Ward 6 for over ten years. I live in a heritage home and have an interest in maintaining the unique character and viability of Ward 6. I have taken a leadership role in promoting Heritage Conservation District status for the neighborhood. This has also made me appreciate the value of sensitive development.

I believe in civic engagement. I believe in civil dialogue at city council. I believe in a safe and enjoyable city for all of us to live in. I will not be accepting corporate donations to my campaign.

You have been supportive in many ways of the projects which I have undertaken in the past, and I ask that you support my bid for the council seat in Ward 6.

Sincerely, Alasdair Beaton