Cindee Karns

Eagle River, Alaska

Currently live in Alaska's only bioshelter, a research and development facility, where we recycle all of our water and waste.

Co-taught a PDC with Dan Halsey, Summer 2015 in Palmer

Built a rocket stove with a thermal mass bench for the greenhouse, summer 2014

Co-taught a PDC with Barb Hazenveld in 2013-14 in Palmer

Built a straw/clay earth sheltered greenhouse, summer 2013

Taught a 6 credit PDC on-line for SNRAS at UAF, 2013

Co-taught a PDC with Rico Zook in 2012 in Homer, Alaska

Received my Permaculture Teaching Certificate with Jude Hobbs in 2012.

Received my PDC under Rick Valley and Lisa Depiano in 2010 in Homer, Alaska

Taught Montessori teachers all over the world on-line for 8 years.

Taught for 20+ years in the public school system

Spent time in the arctic

Lived 9 years on Wrangell Island

Speak rusty, but fluent German

Grew up in Fairbanks down the street from my husband of 35 years.

  • Work
    • Retired public school teacher
  • Education
    • M.Ed. in Integrative Education with an emphasis in Experiential Learng