Steven Laszloffy

North Pole, Alaska, United States

Steven is a guy from North Pole, Alaska. About to finish up his BA in Art, with a focus on digital media, at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, then continue working on his BS in Game and Simulation Programming from DeVry Online.

He's a believer in Jesus Christ, though you might find he's not your stereotypical Christian. A gamer through and through, plays many systems, and many genres. (Halo's his all-time favourite though) He also plays paintball (woodsball) for Task Force Good Shepherd, one of the best teams in the state. Also an officer in TFGS, as it is also a service group dedicated to helping people in need. Also a part-time Commander in Royal Rangers.

Other miscellaneous hobbies/tidbits to know about him. He enjoys figure skating, football (the real futbol), making people laugh, and photography. He has saved a life, spells using King's English, his mother was trained as a legit British nanny, and he knows several languages. These include Spanish, ASL, l337speak, lolspeak, a smattering of French, and "other" various words and phrases in about 9 languages ;) His last name and family comes from Transylvanian nobility. Oh, and he has an IQ of roughly 140, which supposedly puts him at the genius level.. but he has yet to take Mensa's test. (His grandfather was Mensa though...)

  • Work
    • Graphic Designer, Photographer
  • Education
    • University of Alaska Fairbanks
    • UAF
    • Raven Correspondence High School