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Alastair Aitchison


I'm freelance so I don't have a job title, and I hate trying to sum up myself in a single phrase. "Creative Technology Evangelist" was the best I could come up with; here's some of the stuff I've done.

I've written and edited training and documentation materials, and presented in-person training in technical subject areas ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Geospatial Systems, Databases, and Games programming. I've spoken twice at the SQLBits European SQL Server conference and at various user groups throughout the UK.

I'm principal organiser of the Norfolk Indie Game Developers group, I curated and hosted the games conference sessions at the 2013 Norwich Sound + Vision festival, and I co-organised the Norwich Game Expo.

I'm very active in online technical communities - including MSDN (where I am a moderator) and the Unity3D answers site (one of the top 0.04% users). I maintain a technical blog at which gets around 14,000 views per month.

Every year for the last four years I have been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award "in recognition of exceptional contribution to technical communities worldwide".

I'm passionate about learning, and have successfully completed many MOOCs ("Massively Open Online Courses") from top educational institutions, including:

CS387: Applied Cryptography, (Udacity), Highest Distinction, June 2012
CS101: Introduction to Computer Science, (Udacity), Highest Distinction, June 2012
CS212: Design of Computer Programs (Udacity), Highest Distinction, June 2012
CS373: Artificial Intelligence (Udacity), High Distinction, June 2012
Cryptography (Stanford Online), August 2012
ST101: Introduction to Statistics (Udacity). Highest Distinction, August 2012
Learning from Data (California Institute of Technology), September 2012
Gamification (University of Pennsylvania via Coursera), October 2012
Machine Learning (Stanford Online), October 2012
Econ 159: Game Theory (Open Yale), D

  • Education
    • King's College London
    • University of East Anglia
    • Coursera
    • Edx