Alastair Monk

Sutton Quebec

I was about to copy/paste from my LinkedIn profile. I was about to re-write it and try and be less 'corporate'. I was about to craft an image of me for you to read. Better yet - how about the un-filtered off the cuff truth?

I was a young new Dad within a new country (Canada) - I was not on a career path when my round the world trip ended within the 1st country on my voyage.

I knew no-one, had no business contacts - but did have a knack for getting things done, and began beating sales records within the companies I worked with ... so a natural progression towards business development occured.

As all this was going on, I was really starting to enjoy the .com boom and eventual bust environment, and was taking in all the do's and dont's (quite a lot of dont's as it happens) from entrepreneurial business owners in Montreal.... lessons I would think about when helping to grow companies in later years.

I graivitate towards creative people as I'm like a hybrid sponge and gatling gun combo - I soak in ideas and blast out my own - I have a compulsion to create, however I unfortuanlty don't possess the talent to see this creativity manifest via my own art, sculpture, music, and theatre etc - (all things I enjoy greatly) - instead my creativity seems to appear in more project / business based environments.

Sometimes I try and slow down, do as little as possible - but it's hard - for I'm the hardest working lazy person I know...

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