Luz Mar Orozco Márquez

Mexico City

Hey...! If we lived in Medieval times I would be sorted as "Melancholic", but we don't, so I'll have to settle for "Arrggh, she thinks just too much, moody girl..." I'm sincere and like to laugh a lot. I have a hard time trusting people, but I'm a nice, loyal friend... Some people have told me I'm too skeptical, sarcastic and analytic. I suffer from Migraine (not very very often, but at least once a fortnight), and insomnia is like my shadow (yeah, I'm not used to it completely) I have a cat (Conde Max, which is Spanish for Count Max). I enjoy long walks, hanging out in coffee shops, cold weather, listening to the rain and reading aloud... I like playing the violin, the guitar and also do some vocals. I don't practice any religion, I think they divide and destroy more than bring people together, I have my own spiritual interests, though... One of my favorite things in the world is thinking about how humans create our own reality (whether consciously and freely or not) and communication is one of the tools we use for that... I have knowledge of a number of languages (Spanish, English, Italian, French and German, also, if someone wants to teach me Hebrew I'm a willing and committed student.)

What do I like? That's such a hard question, many things, Basically, 3 : Literature/Poetry, Music and Biology, and of course, everything else that's related to those things. Beyond that... learning about the human species (whether in psychiatry/psychology/neurology books or just people watching...), cats, birds waking me up in the morning, the wind in my face, coy smiles, imitating accents different than mine own, darkness, The Simpsons... and more...

What do I hate? That's way easier... Arrogant People, Those who call Self-Harmers "Cutters", "Burners", and the like, Reggaeton, Superficial Judgements, One-Uppers, Insincerity, Sexist/Racist Remarks, Capitalism, Those who hurt others, Soccer, Aristocracy, Lousy Spelling, Liars, Fake People, Know-it-alls...

Favorite Music: Chamber/Orchestral (mostly Baroque and Romantic), Industrial and EBM, SynthPop, Alternative Rock, Death and Folk Metal, Progressive Rock... Examples? Mmm... Bach, Vivaldi, Grieg, Medtner, Beethoven, Nigel Kennedy, Vadim Repin, Thoushaltnot, 3 Doors Down, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, In Extremo, Steven Wilson, Kalmah, New Order, Wolfsheim, De/Vision, KMFDM, Filter, Elvis Presley...

  • Work
    • Busking around the city
  • Education
    • English Literature
    • Foreign Languages
    • Music
    • Biology