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A fire extinguisher Or Tabung Pemadam Api is an active fire protection tool that is used to extinguish the fire or control small fires, often in emergency situations. Fire extinguishers are not designed for use on fires that are not controlled, for example when the fire was already burning ceiling. Generally, fire extinguishers consist of a high-pressure air tube containing a fire extinguishing agent.

There are two main types of fire extinguishers: the pressure inside and operated by cartridge. In the pressure inside the unit, throwers gas stored in the same room with the fire extinguishing agent. Depending on the materials used, if different materials are used is also different driver. In extinguishers contain dry chemicals, commonly used nitrogen; water and foam extinguishers are typically using air. Pressurized fire extinguishers inside is the most common type. While the types of extinguishers operated Cartridge throwers gas contains in a separate cartridge that must be pressed first before flowing out, pushing the extinguishing agent.