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Allison Laukhuf

Allison Laukhuf

Lover of music, travel, the Georgia Bulldogs and all things 300 calories or more, I'm Allison Laukhuf, a first year at the University of Georgia. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and love everything about the place. I'm a total news junkie (the arcade folder on my iPhone is filled with news apps). In fact it was my obsession with news and current events that led me straight to UGA's Grady College of Communications. The interest in politics that stems from that news addiction brought on my political science double major.

Along with my academic interests, I associate so much of who I am with music and all of the wonderful things it brings! In high school I was in two choirs and cherished every moment of my four-year participation in the choral program.

Last, but not least GO DAWGS!