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Anthony Lawrence

Cornwall, UK

...or so one of my university lecturers told me.

Having graduated from Swansea University with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science (1st), I am highly interested in all things technology related, although I have a strong passion for Web and Future Technologies, Social Media, Cryptography and Security, and Computer Science in Education.

In my free time I can often be found coming up with new business ventures and avenues of earning money, freelancing and consulting, developing extensions and modifications for open source solutions such as Open Cart or Open Bravo POS reading about non-verbal cues (or other such Psychological topics), flying small tin machines with engines, posing as a photographer, or visiting a rather distant country (such as China - see my display picture for me and the Great Wall)!

More than happy to discuss potential projects or ideas surrounding any of my areas of interest.

  • Work
    • Teacher (11 - 18)
  • Education
    • Swansea University, BSc Computer Science (1st)