Alayna Dixon

2016 Advertising Graduate from LSU, Marketing Assistant, and Waitress in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hi! I'm Alayna, a fun-loving research geek fresh off the streets of Louisiana State University. Upon graduating this August, I now have a BA in Mass Communication with a concentration in digital advertising and am ready to dive into the real world.

Research and data analysis, while seemingly mundane to some people (*cough* mom and dad), is exciting to me because I get to spend all day learning about a million different kinds of people and their consumer world---who wouldn't want to know what makes others tick?! With that in mind, I think I've always enjoyed understanding others' wants/needs and applying it (in life or in an ad campaign), which is perhaps why I excel in interpersonal relationships as well. Lastly, since I love learning, I'd like to think you'll have an easy time teaching me anything I don't already know if I go to work for you.

Additionally, I do have a grip on almost social media networks and believe I could represent any brand with an appropriate tone---funny, professional, light-hearted, whatever is needed. I also know how to create and target boost posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as how to analyze the paid reach.

So, if you're looking for a fresh approach to research or social media strategy and a fun, young professional to have around your agency, I think I'm your girl! Click that little button above if you think so, too. :)

(Note: Like I said, I'm fresh out of college, so I'm open to other positions as well! Not just research or social media. Thanks for reading!)

Digital Portfolio:

  • Work
    • Redu Mobile App, Sammy's Grill
  • Education
    • Louisiana State University