Alayna Architects

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Established in 2001 with a single minded orientation to just give a very Cheerful and Satisfying living experience to the Clients. This always made us to create not so technically thought & Functional designs but still were very much acceptable by the Clients because they could Feel Emotions in there. This lead to a huge base of satisfied families who cherished living in their homes as a lifestyle living space. It never was just a bunch of wood, concrete, pillars, accessories etc.. - It was a place they always wanted to be in. The references generated from this satisfaction proved to be a major pillar in establishing this journey from an office into a semi organization
Gradually we also started to add Scientific Aspects to Interior Designing which was a satisfying experience for us. Color Science was a very important aspect in this. We used suggested shades of colors in different rooms and areas to experiment and the results were highly lauded. Landscaping was another aspect which we promoted - Particularly indoors, which specific plants that positively affects us. Some specific species of plants actually thrust our health and mind mechanisms.
In Civil Designing, the most important aspect that we promote is optimum use of Natural Resources - Air, Light. Rainwater Harvesting has taken up speed in current architectural scenario and we advocate it in its practical implementation. We are also very prominent in Reconstruction and Renovation of old constructions to give them a very new look.
ALAYNA is one of the most spread Interior and Architecture firm in Ahmadabad and has a presence in other cities of the Gujarat and outside. We shape up Homes, Offices, Showrooms, and Industries. Workmanship and Durability are one of the most important factors which we look on and that are our USP. We are a Young team and our Clients enjoy the association for a long lasting experience.
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