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Alazar Asmamaw

Los Angeles, California, United States

Alazar Asmamaw, an entrepreneur with the life-long goal of helping individuals turn obstacles into opportunities, founded Everpark and LA Investors on the core principles that people can take charge of their destinies at any given time. Inspired by his mother, who moved to America and built her life on her own terms, Asmamaw has always believed that with the right attitude and hard work, he can not only take control of his own future, but help others realize that they too can succeed.

Everpark, a parking management company in charge of garages of several offices, hospitality departments, and retail buildings across the nation, is set apart from other businesses of its kind by its attentive approach to building the careers of its employees. Everpark diligently works to arm its employees with management skills and an understanding of the job market to help them move up the ladder in their careers, past their entry-level positions. LA Investors, Asmamaw's other company, provides clients with detailed information about the real estate market in Los Angeles . This company provides individuals with information about the hottest areas in LA, to the safest, and the most affordable.

Alazar Asmamaw travels extensively to learn about people and cultures all over the world. He is certain that a greater understanding will help him affect greater change.