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adán lazcano

My name is Adan Lazcano Hernandez I´m single and I´m a little serious, honest and very positive my favorite hobby is listen to music and read books that I like it my favorite sports are the basketball and football.

the books that i have read are who moved my chesse and The Four Agreements and also Hernani from Victor Hugo the little prince and the night flight from Antoine de Saint exupery also as spoke Zarathustra from Frederic Nietzche and the nelung ring from Richard Wagner.

the year that I course is the 5 semester in teaching languages and my advance of my career is very good because i learned a lot of things that i dont know during the past semesters that I considered very important for my profesional formation.

The purposes that I have are finish the school and learn english very fast that I can communicate with other foreign people who speak English sides.

Goals: get a good job out of my community and go to other country and get married but in a future soon.

Objetives: get a good place where i can do it my job impart my teaching with pride and buy a house and I hope be very happy.