Alberto Scotto

Java Developer in Bologna, Italy

Alberto Scotto

Java Developer in Bologna, Italy

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Born as a Software Developer, in 2011 I graduated in Computer Science (Bsc, First-class honours degree) with athesis on cloud computing. I've been a SysAdmin/DevOps for two years, then moved to Dublin and started a career as a Software Engineer in Test.

I love doing OOA/D: assigning responsibilities, applying design patterns, drawing UML sketches, making APIs as clean and maintainable as possible. See e.g. selenium-tinafw.


I like to write beautiful code (at least I try to).

I like to bring innovation and improve processes, as far as I can.

As a DevOps, I like to support developers providing them with the best tools and practices.

I like to learn.

I love Linux and open-source (open-mindness, in general).

I love freedom.

Last but not least, I love music.

P.S.: in case you are wondering, "alb-i986" is a sort of geeky pun that comes from the naming convention used for Linux packages ($packagename-$architecture, where $architecture may be "i386", .., "i786"), and.. my year of birth.

  • Work
    • Imola Informatica
  • Education
    • Università degli Studi di Torino