Alba Berenice

Santiago De Chile, Chile

I was born on November 1993. Went to school 3 years in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and the next 9 years I went to San Ignacio School in La Paz. I spent 3 months living in New Jersey, USA, learning about the God's Word when I was 16.

When I was ready to open my horizons, on april 2012, I went to Germany to practice the language and to know myself better. 3 months in Rottenburg am Neckar, and then one year and a half in one of the most beautiful cities, Munich!

I dream about becoming a profesional writer and I also want to be part of the artistic & marketing world. I´m about to start my studies in Santiago-Chile convinced about the idea of "The happiness is what you are doing right now and what you dream to do, not what you wanted to do back then and you never got"

Investing my time in a webpage, that soon is gonna be ready. All people are welcome to participate in this amazing chalenge. Would be like a novel written in many voices. The people who want to tell a history, a memory, a feeling... coming soon!

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