Alba Sánchez Vélez

Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Technology in Madrid, España

I am a proactive industrial engineer giving my best to take projects into the next level and make the difference. I put passion into what I do, deliver no matter what, work hard and learn fast.

I am expert in seeking new projects in the field of technologies. Proposal writing, dealing with big amount of information, negotiating pricing, relevant meetings and cost analysis of the projects.

I work as a Project Manager. Managing teams, working under pressure, facing problems and making important decisions. I know how to communicate at any level: client presentation, university lessons, team meetings and public presentations. Also, I have a huge international work experience and I speak three languages.

While I was studying Industrial Engineering, I spent three years working for BEST - Board of European Students of Technology. The biggest European student union, founded in 1989 and present in 33 countries, in a total of 95 local BEST groups. I trained, lead and managed our local group through all our challenges, and provided communication, cooperation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe.

I believe in the end you only regret those things you never dare to do. That is why I lived in a Brazilian favela for a year, rode my bike through the mountains sleeping under the open sky, been into the Amazonian jungle with a hammock as a house, got lost in an unspoiled island and found a boat where I lived for two weeks, and just lived my latest adventure: walking all around Myanmar and meditate in their Buddhist Temples. Trying to live my life to its best, because in the end you realize there are no answers, just stories.

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