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Albafold Cats

Albafold Is A Registered Prefix With TICA

We are a small hobby breeder & exhibitors of the wonderful British Shorthair & Scottish Folds. Specialising In Classic Brown (Black) Tabbies & Classic Silver & Black Tabbies. We breed for health, temperament & type, being responsible breeders we strive to breed only the very best examples of these two wonderful breeds and for this reason we endeavor to stay true to the breed Standards. It's our intention to breed not just excellent competitors in the show ring, our main aim is to breed healthy & happy British Shorthairs & Scottish Folds, with superb temperaments that would make a loving addition to any familyAnimal Welfare remains paramount to us, and the needs of our feline & K9 family members, will always come first with no exceptions. We are located in Selkirk, in the Lovely Scottish Borders