Alba Jimeno

Researcher and Divemaster in Saarbrücken, Deutschland

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Curiosity driven scientist, looking for new challenges in life.

PhD graduate in Marine environmental toxicology, with a focus on nanomaterials. I’ve worked mainly as a researcher, but in pursuing broader horizons I have had a go at graphic and web design, scientific illustration, and translation. Lately, I have focused my education on Electron Microscopy and image analysis, while still trying to advance the knowledge about the dinamics, fate and biological effects of pollutants in marine environments.

Currently I am living in Saarbrücken, developing alternative methods for nanotoxicology assesment in fishes.

In my free time I devote my energies to reading, enjoying live music, climbing, scuba diving, photography and illustration.

  • Work
    • Fraunhofer IBMT
  • Education
    • University of the Basque Country
    • King's College London