Alfredo Bala


Global Emissary of Goodwill......Josephine Gross,PHD

Alfredo Bala is one of the most dynamic and passionate leaders you’ll ever meet. A first-generation immigrant of Portuguese origin, he came to the U.S. looking for the American dream. Starting at the very bottom, he worked a minimum-wage job while learning English and going to school.

His plan was to get an education and climb the corporate ladder, but his whole perspective changed the day he discovered network marketing, almost thirty years ago,when he attended his first Open Opportunity meeting in Warwick,RI.

Over the years, Al has been serving and practicing the networking profession in three different capacities: from 1980 till 1991, he was strictly a distributor; in 1991, he partnered with one of the top leaders in his company and became responsible for launching international markets; today he continues to travel the world as Senior VP of Global Sales and International Expansion for Mannatech,a publicly traded wellness company. After completing his corporate mission of creating a global business that operates seamlessly on every continent, Al may very well return to his first love, which is working in the field, bringing opportunities for Health and Wealth to those who are ready to lift themselves out of a life of limitations and unfulfilled dreams.

Al’s network marketing story is unique in that he built the business at the ground level—“in the kitchen,” as he likes to say—in sixty-five different countries. One of his greatest joys is to know that he can go back to any of these different countries and find friends waiting there for him, people whose lives have been turned around thanks to the opportunity Al brought to them.

“What else can you dream off?” he says. “No money will buy you that kind of satisfaction. This business is my life’s calling and I know I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life. It makes me feel like a missionary of goodwill who reminds people how to dream and gives them tools to create the lives they were meant to live.”

Al was born in Senegal, a country in West Africa , growing up in a middle-class family, Al was a bright but timid boy, so at the age of 12 he decided he was going to be an engineer, a profession that would keep him away from people—or so he thought.