hello there !! hopefully youve clicked on this page just to see me and this bio :>

well im lily ! I'm just a 5"9 Balkan/Slav homosexual from the countries of Greece and Bulgaria!~

im an aspiring historic fiction writer ! specifically alternative historical events and fiction but anything that's history is a blast to me! I also take interest in the worlds of medicine and medicinal products!~

I have a variety of interests including ;; History, Writing, Vexilogy, Yugotalia, Eurovision, Traveling, Geography, Debates, Politics, Food & Flowers :3c

smol list of places I dream of going ;;

mAcEDONIA ( again )

Bosnia and Herzegovina!!!!! ( loving and moving there when I'm older mm )





North Korea ( not a joke. )






And that's just a fraction :,)

As for my fandoms themsleves I do actually have quite a few but I won't post them, I'm surer deep into Eurovision and Yugotalia so pls bare with me--

Otp ;;

monteherze mONTEHERZE. FUCKING MONTEHERZE I S2G,,, THEYRE WHAT A B R E A T H E, I WANNA DO EVERY LITTLE THING WITH TYEM AND JUST RP/WRITE/DRAW THEM 24/7 bUT I CANT,, they make me.. So happy. They're honestly my escape like legit they're the best way to make me happy haha-- my true true OTP is monteherze--

Ok now let's get to the main thing ! Aka Kins ! I gotta say them bc in this community it's important to side and show who you kin with ! I won't hate you if you kin with one of mine BUT if you kin with the first two, especially the first one, I don't recommend following me bc I don't want any drama or any tense hate to be felt bc I'm so protective !! A fight is the last thing I want

( Kins that I adore and believe are " mine " but if you kin with them, i don't recommend following me !! ) ;;

HERZEGOVINIA***_*_**_*_****** ( mainmainmain )

HUTT RIVER***_*_**