Alba Plana

Student in Barcelona, España

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Hi! My name is Alba and I'm 14 years old. I live in Barcelona, I have been living there all my life. I study at Virolai School. I actually speak three languages and I'm learning two more at the moment. I practice horse riding and skiing. I love taking photos, reading books, lisening to music and entrepreneurship. because I love to think and create new ideas.

Last year I finished 3ESO. I learned lots of new contents and new ways to study and organize myself and all my work. Also, I was able to achieve one of my student goals - get the First Certificate Exam. I took the examen in June'16 and got a B1 level. It has been a very productive course because I was able to improve my actual skills but also to learn new ones.

I created this for you all to be able to know a little bit more about myself but also to let you check my best school work. If you want to do so, just click where it says "View my portfolio" and enjoy!