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Albatross Fund is synonymous to an “ALBATROSS”, which is the grandest living flying machine on Earth. An “ALBATROSS” is bone, feathers, muscle, and the wind. A parent “ALBATROSS” may fly more than 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometres) to deliver one meal to its chick. Wielding the longest wings in nature—up to eleven and a half feet (3.5 meters)—ALBATROSSES can glide hundreds of miles without flapping, crossing ocean basins, circumnavigating the globe.” - Courtesy of Carl Safina, National Geographic. Albatross Fund’s unique approach to funding relies on its platform much like an Albatross which would never dream of daring the distances across oceans if it were not for its wings. Albatross Fund is pre-eminently a consolidated group of companies with registered assets in Europe, Cayman Islands, Seychelles, and New Zealand. Assets are the backbone of Albatross Fund. Collateral/guarantees are issued against the assets to access lines of credit from affiliates and correspondents within our network. We specialize in funding solutions for medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs that would otherwise only be available to large, capital-marketoriented companies and provide answers to the often complex funding challenges of our clients. As the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, we guide you with our expertise were we draw on our many years of experience as entrepreneurs, managers and consultants and offer access to our national and international networks. What differentiates Albatross Fund from other service providers is not just the architecture of how we provide ‘our service’ towards clients but also our ability to operate effectively, efficiently and independently whilst collaborating intensively with affiliates and correspondents to establish creative innovative funding packages for the clients whom we serve. Our network is a potential and resourceful source of creative financing, fast funding and high-level advisories.

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