Alba Zaragoza De Vincenzo

Student and Journalist in Madrid, España

I am a journalism student specializing in environmental and scientific communications. I dedicate my work to improving the Earth because it has given us everything we have and it surrounds us every day.

I am curious and learn very quickly. My strengths are that I am dynamic, creative, efficient and my organisational skills are well developed. I am not afraid to take on difficult tasks; in fact, I welcome them because they keep work interesting and enthralling. I am a big believer in the power of teamwork and I think it is a great way to foster the exchange of knowledge, experiences and opinions between people.

Although I have set certain professional goals for myself, I can easily adapt to changes. However, whatever I do in the future, it will be for the environment.

  • Work
    • Fundación Vida Sostenible
  • Education
    • Complutense University of Madrid