Albert Voaden

CEO and financial analyst in George Town, Cayman Islands

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Born and raised in Canada, Albert Voaden has called Georgetown in the Cayman Islands his home for the past 18 years. He is the founder and CEO of CayGoods, an online shopping service that allows people to pre-order the items they need.

Albert began his career in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario delivering medical equipment. Knowing that cutting his own costs would save customers money, he invested a lot of time researching the most efficient driving routes. He worked in the financial industry next before changing careers and moving to the Cayman Islands. He graduated from college with a degree in web design before starting his career in Toronto.

How Albert Voaden Built a Successful Investment Strategy

Albert had recently entertained thoughts of returning to mainland Canada or the United States after spending nearly two decades living on an island. While he has not yet decided about moving, Albert has called upon his days as a financial analyst to create an investment strategy that works. Even in a market battered by hyperinflation, Albert has chosen investments that consistently perform above the S & P 500. He offers the following four tips for people who like to achieve the same level of success:

  • Continue to invest in heavily discounted stocks and sectors
  • Invest in undervalued companies to sell stocks later for a profit
  • Understand why the markets are offering a stock at a low price before investing in it
  • Invest with both short-term goals and long-term strategies in mind

Albert Voaden also recommends that people seriously consider alternative forms of currency such as Bitcoin when choosing their investments. Once he reaches his personal investment goals, Albert plans to launch a hedge fund for the sole purpose of investing in charitable causes.

Lending a Helping Hand to Small Businesses in the Cayman Islands

In 2021, Albert Voaden accepted a position with the Cayman Island Centre for Business Development. The organization’s role is to stimulate economic prosperity by offering supportive services to local business owners. His work has been especially relevant in light of the financial devastation the coronavirus pandemic wrought on small businesses.