Albert Huang

Researcher, Writer, and Web Developer in Baltimore, Maryland

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"Lord Kelvin was right." -me

I don't believe there is such as "TMI", or too much information, when it comes to personal health. For me, data is just raw material, a motherlode you can mine to benefits you cannot even imagine. Being picky and controlling your numbers is the only true awareness you can have.

As a researcher and avid reader, I have discovered over the last five years that everything in your environment can affect who you are and your quality-of-life, whether in health or mind. For me, the pinnacle of this shift lies in the new fields of the "microbiome" and the "epigenome". What you eat, how you think, where you live, and what you breathe can affect you, your genes, your microbes, and your lifespan.

Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Your way of life is the most important treatment and greatest cause of disease you have. This field is my passion. To read more, see my relevant blog articles, where I outline my own explorations into this fascinating world of cause-and-effect.

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