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Albert Barbusci

Entrepreneur Albert Barbusci possesses several decades of experience in doing business with and leading companies based in North America and China. The Montreal-based executive currently focuses on acquiring businesses and establishing joint ventures in the digital entertainment and residential real estate industries in Canada, the United States, and mainland China. In doing so, Albert Barbusci leverages key relationships with financiers and other stakeholders that he established during more than 30 years of international business dealings.

In 1980, Albert Barbusci founded Cadence Communications, a Montreal advertising agency. Over the next decade, he built the firm into a leading provider of sales and marketing strategies to Canadian businesses. In the 1990s, Barbusci formed a 50-50 joint venture with one of the world’s largest stand-alone advertising firms, Dentsu Japan. The resulting agency, known as Dentsu-Cadence Canada, served numerous industry leaders, including Toyota and Canon Canada.

After selling his shares in the joint venture to Dentsu and retaining sole ownership of Cadence Canada in 1999, he went on to form other ventures including a relationship with one of China’s largest copper processing companies, Jiangsu TianDiLong Resource Technology Co., and its CEO Mr. Jiaping Jiang.