Albert Chapasuka


Albert is a business proffessional,an electrical engineer and a multi gifted visionary,motivational speaker with experience cutting across the private sector.He is affectionately known for strategy and policy formulation,a creative think tank with a goal getting spirit.He is the founding Manager of and a Shareholder of Cotserve lnternational,Nadalton Eelectric Motor Rewinders and is the Chief Marketing Officer of Cleanplus lnternational (Pvt) Ltd.

His success sterms from a good entrepreneurial family background and extensive local and international partners.

His proffessional career has its genesis in the Electrical Engineering Sector which provided him with a platform on the international arina.He has managed to structure deals for large conglomarates and has travelled extensively in Zambia,South Africa,india,Malysia,China,dubai and indoneisa.A memeber of African Renaissance Charter an organisation for the young people in business .Albert has managed to host a number of business summits in Harare;He acts as an advisor to the indonesian ambassador.

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