Albert Dodd


USMC Dsiabled Veteran

Finished high school in 1987 and graduated with Technical Degree in Welding. I went on to join the USMC and serve my country for 3 1/2 years before being injured.

I was discharged in 1990 and have been trying to get my disability through the VA since then. It is now 2016 and they just last year granted me 20% on my injuries. Long and bitter sweet turn down for what I was discharged with. But we know how the VA works, they are out for their job security and length of the job. They are afraid to help a veteran in need and be a good Samaritan.

I have spent my life fighting to at least be able to work. And believe me I have probably work more hours in Pain than you have. And would get up in Pain and work in Pain. Until I was unable to continue working in Pain. Now the VA says that they can not do anything for me.

I have dental problems and teeth that need pulled, but does the VA help its veterans? No. They told me that they only help veterans with 50% or better disabilities. So they made sure as to make my disabilities rated at 20% so I could not get those benefits.

So now it is all about why the VA does not want to fulfill the obligations to its veterans.

Because it would interfere with all the big Pay raise's along with Bonus's for saving the VA money from having to payout the veterans it so dearly has screwed over the years.

So I ask of Congress and the Senate to give the VA to the veterans that served this country. We know what we have done and we know how to treat one another.

Give the VA to those who Served and Died for this Country and let us run it.