Albert Gonzales

San Antonio, Texas, United States

My name is Albert Gonzales and the first time I ever picked up a paint brush was one year ago. I was told by a friend of a friend who saw me drawing that I was a really good artist. Even though I was just doodling on a napkin that really stuck with me. I was always drawing but never took the idea seriously until one day I was fed up with my nine to five job and decided I would become an artist and becoming a self-taught artist at that was going to take a lot of hard work especially if I planned on making a living as a career that way. Ever since then, my life has changed for the better. When I create my concept is pretty clear, I want people to question why and I also want the viewer to feel inspired. I enjoy mixing playfulness and appeal with deep thought giving my work a deeper meaning than when it is first looked upon. In order to get my message across I do majority of my work live painting at any place I can get into. It allows me to connect with an audience and feed off of their energy. As the audience watches I hope that at least one person will become inspired to create as well. While creating my work in front of a audience gives me the opportunity to share my story and the courage and vision of a dream I have and the pursuit of it is a beautiful art within its own.

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