Albert Guerra

Student and Assistant in San Antonio, Texas

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Salutations, I'm student at Clark High School. I love to face challenges head first and helping people is my calling. My dream is to own a circuit board manufacturing company here in the States. Coffee is my most valued fuel; it enlightens me and makes the day run smoother. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was two years old, because my grandmother heard someone say that the heat from the coffee somehow helps with the opening of lungs. The reason she took it that far was because I had asthma. I having asthma really put a dent in me taking part in activities at school and off school. I looked into things that I could do that was fun while not requiring little physical activity. I looked into other things that I thought were the bee’s knees like video gaming, learning how computers work from the inside out, and finding out ways to stay fit without compromising my asthma. It was difficult but it got easier and easier as time went on. I learned most from my mother and father. My mother was always into computers and while growing up she taught me more things that I have ever learned taking a computer class. My father owns his own plumbing company and growing rapidly, he’s taught me more of the mechanic side of trouble shooting. My plans for the future are big and bold, I understand that failure will be a factor, but I possess the ability to bounce right back up and keep trying. Working hard is something that must be done in order to get anywhere in life and I am willing to go the distance to get where I want to be. I am one to stay focused and calm in the most heart-racing situations and think quickly on my feet at all times.