Albert Mulles

Consultant, Teacher, and Volunteer in Yokohama, Japan

Key Expertise:

Education Consultant

Curriculum Development

TESOL Trainer


IT Solutions

e-Learning System

Book Writer

More than ten years experience in training and education development employing technological innovation in education technology using the best practices in the industry to optimize results. As a professional educator, coach and IT practitioner, it is has been my goal helping individualsthrough resource guidance initiatives towards success and global competitiveness.


* TESOL Trainer at ICM Ltd., Co.

* Head, Saint Paul College (SPSPS) International Linkage Office Tokyo

* English Program Developer for courses such as IELTS/TOEIC/TOEFL/ESL/English Proficiency/Ryugakku/Henyugakku

* Managed and directed all phases of business development in online school companies in the Philippines serving clients in China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

* Managed Services and Design for medium scale language academies

* Acting Training Manager for a Contact Centre Solution specializing in Retail, Research Development and Lead Generation

* Lead Trainer for Call Center Training Company

* Acting Director for US-based offshore IT Solutions and Support company rendering IT Support Services

* Project Manager Consultant to 4th District of Leyte, Philippines

* Managed BlueMount International Academy

* 5-Star Seal of Excellence at Reader's Favorite Florida, USA

Specialties: Business Development, Project Management Consolidation, eLearning Virtual Classroom Set-up, Training and Development, English Language Programs, Training and Managed Services, Curriculum Development, Organizational Training, Teachers Training, TESOL Training, Educational Tours, eLearning Consultancy, Coaching - Personal Management Design, Research and Development, Impact Studies, Risk Reduction and Disaster Mitigation