Alberto Alcocer-ochoa

Photographer, Chef, and Doctor in Guadalajara, Mexico

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Hey, I’m Alberto. I would like to use this space to describe my skills, aptitudes and technical expertise, and show you why I consider myself as a great option to your company.

I have also experience on telecoms system modelling and simulation by computer. At Intel I was responsible for the development of a Simulink-based model of the IEEE 802.16e WiMAX standard at the PHY layer to test the effect of channel impairments to the radio performance.

Since I have experience on System-Level Proof-of-Concept demonstration of RFI Identification and Mitigation solutions in Intel platforms, at your company I can also be designing and performing lab tests to do system optimization or even making field measurement for the operations or planning department.

In the last few years, I have developed great communications skills shown when proposing and supporting research projects within staff member across Intel and at international conferences (e.g. IEEE ones) when writing and presenting technical papers in US and Canada.

One of my skills consists on having an excellent mathematical abstraction of physical challenges and because of my experience on programming software, I can create computer routines to address them in an efficient way.

I have the courage to face problems and to adapt myself to solve them; after all at Intel, before I moved to the RF Front End, I was asked to work on Energy Harvesting (particularly in Wireless Power Transmission) and Gesture Recognition topics with great results. I have also 6 USPTO patent applications in 3+ different areas. This shows you that I have the courage to address the necessary changes.

During my PhD I worked on radio channel modeling and simulation, antenna arrays and smart antennas and in stochastic signal processing. My MSc work was focused on digital signal processing, included the speech signals and in source and channel coding. In all these topics, I have been working till today.

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