Alberto Boschini

Student in Costa Rica

Alberto Boschini

Student in Costa Rica

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Hi, I am Alberto Boschini!

Basically, I deal with people the same way they deal with me.

I am actually a Philosophy student in Universidad de Costa Rica.

Enjoy HTML, CSS and (used to LOVE Drupal. I still like it, but found another alternative) for Web Developing (reason? see below). Very basic skills in Bootstrap and PHP, but I do not stop learning and studying every day. I have recently discovered Wordpress and Python (and the Django framework), and that's what I am really digging now.

Things I am always -mostly all the time- willing to talk about are: Philosophy, Horror Fiction, Arts in general, mainly focused on Cinema, Rock Music, TV and Literature. Batman fan here!

Love classic Horror films, and the works by . Kubrick, Hitchcock, Burton, Fincher, Argento and Polanski as well.

Love to spend spare time reading about Philosophy, Pop Culture, Media in general,

In the musical field, my main interest are basically, Bowie, Lou Reed, Roxy Music, Blue Oyster Cult and AC/DC.

Favorite TV shows are The Twilight Zone, Breaking Bad, True Detective, Sopranos, Black Mirror, American Horror Story and now At this time, I am hooked on Better Call Saul, Vinyl, American Crime Story, Utopia and Black Mirror..

"Tommy", "The Exorcist", "Apocalypse Now", "Bride of Frankenstein", "Batman Returns", "Sleepy Hollow" "The Shining" and "Suspiria" are movies I can see over and over...among my favorites.

Turn ons: After hours conversations with my friends and interesting people I meet whenever I have a chance to, Houses, bars, clubs and pubs are mostly the perfect pick to do so!

Nothing like a good steak, awesome pizza, hamburgers, chicharrones, fries, salats, juices, sodas, a good beer.

In you fit in the following profile, please get away: I get REAL bored with people who always talk about one and only single subject, and people who are totally stuck in the past, with no clear future or vision. As a matter of fact, I very dislike people who consider themselves an authority when they don't even have a clue. Very common and disgusting snob attitude among "critics" and other self-called "authorities".