Alberto Boschini

Student in Costa Rica

Alberto Boschini

Student in Costa Rica

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Hi, I am Alberto Boschini!

Basically, I deal with people the same way they deal with me.

I am actually a Philosophy student in Universidad de Costa Rica.

Enjoy HTML, CSS and LOVE Drupal for Web Developing. Very basic skills in Bootstrap and PHP, but I do not stop learning and studying every day.

Things I am always -mostly all the time- willing to talk about are: Philosophy, Horror Fiction, Arts in general, mainly focused on Cinema, Rock Music, TV and Literature. Batman fan here!

Love classic Horror films, and the works by . Kubrick, Hitchcock, Burton, Fincher, Argento and Polanski as well.

In the musical field, my main interest are basically, Bowie, Lou Reed, Roxy Music, Blue Oyster Cult and AC/DC.

Favorite TV shows are The Twilight Zone, Breaking Bad, True Detective, Sopranos, Black Mirror, American Horror Story and now At this time, I am hooked on Better Call Saul, Vinyl and American Crime Story.

Turn ons: After hours conversations with my friends and interesting people I meet whenever I have a chance to, Houses, bars, clubs and pubs are mostly the perfect pick to do so!

Nothing like a good steak, awesome pizza, hamburgers, chicharrones, fries, salats, juices, sodas, a good beer.

In you fit in the following profile, please get away: I get REAL bored with people who always talk about one and only single subject, and people who are totally stuck in the past, with no clear future or vision. As a matter of fact, I very dislike people who consider themselves an authority when they dont even have a clue.